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€ 8 for music students


Auditorium of La Pedrera

Activity at La Pedrera:

Víctor Jiménez, countertenor (work by Raquel García-Tomás)


Countertenor recital with Berta Brull (piano)

Works by Guinovart, Mariona Vila, García-Demestres and Raquel García-Tomás, among others.


The specialized press presents him as one of the countertenors of the moment. Catalan Víctor Jiménez Díaz (Barcelona, 1988) is nowadys one of the Spanish countertenors of greater international projection. Outstanding as a specialist in music between the 17th and 18th Centuries, his flexibility and powerfuf instrument allows him to assume a wide repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary music, with which he continues to accumulate recognition and success with his strong and growing international career.

Check here the biography of counter-agent Víctor Jiménez Díaz >


Raquel García-Tomás with the composition of three commissioned pieces to be premiered as part of the programmes drawn up by the resident performers for their concerts at La Pedrera.


Other concerts by Víctor Jiménez at La Pedrera:

  • 17 May 2020


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